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From the ECS State Policy Database: School Safety--Bullying Prevention/Conflict Resolution - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

Bullying and Open Enrollment PDF - Some state anti-bullying policies require districts to adopt strategies to protect students who have been bullied from further victimization. A few states go one step further, adopting specialized interdistrict transfer policies to allow victims of bullying to enroll in another school district, or allowing for the transfer of bullies themselves. This report describes state policies to allow bullying victims, or bullies themselves, to transfer to another school or district. (Jennifer Dounay Zinth, November 2011)...

State Anti-Bullying Policies: A National Landscape PDF - This PowerPoint presentation outlines anti-bullying policies in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Presentation was made to the 2011 National Conference of State Legislators Legislative Summit in San Antonio, Texas on August 9, 2011. (Jennifer Dounay Zinth, Education Commission of the States, August 2011)...

State Anti-bullying Statutes MS Word PDF - Bullying by students on school grounds, a subject of renewed interest for state policymakers in recent years, was most recently brought to the national spotlight by the highly publicized school shootings of the late 1990s, in which the shooters were reported to be the victims of bullies at the school. This ECS StateNote examines state policies regarding bullying by students on school property, discussing the number of states with such policies and the components of existing anti-bullying policies. It also lists the components of comprehensive anti-bullying policies and provides statutory information for all bullying statutes. (Jennifer Dounay, Education Commission of the States, April 2005)...

New Jersey Anti-Bullying Task Force Annual Report - In its annual report, the New Jersey Anti-Bullying Task Force offers recommendations for districts and schools. For example, they advise strongly that schools avoid implementing "one shot" programs to enhance school climate. Everyone in the school must be engaged in teaching and modeling the social and emotional learning skills that are part of a school-wide plan. (New Jersey Anti-Bullying Task Force, January 2015)...

Study of the Nature and Effectiveness of Virginia School Divisions' Antibullying Policies - This report present survey results from all Virginia school divisions regarding policies, regulations, procedures, discipline actions, prevention and intervention programs, and strategies surrounding bullying. Findings indicate that all school divisions in Virginia meet the requirements of the Code of Virginia and include bullying as a part of character education and as a prohibited behavior. (Virginia Department of Education, January 2012)...

State Cyberbullying Laws: A Brief Review of State Cyberbullying Laws and Policies - Document provides code citations and text for state laws and policies relating to cyberbullying. (Cyberbullying Research Center, January 2011)...

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