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How Does Education in My State Compare? What Every Governor or Other Elected Official Needs to Know - This report serves as a quick reference guide for elected officials to compare key education policies and data in their states to the rest of the nation. (Julie Rowland, ECS, November 2014)...

What Governors Need to Know: Highlights of State Education Systems PDF - This multistate compilation includes states' number of operating districts, average students per district, per-student spending, free or reduced-price lunch eligible students, percent of K-12 revenue from state sources, state and local school revenue, full-day kindergarten requirements, compulsory school ages and more. (Kyle Zinth and Melodye Bush, Education Commission of the States, updated December 2010)...

From the ECS State Policy Database: State Comparisons/Statistics - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

Kids Count Data Book 2014 25th Edition - Using 16 different measures, including economic well-being, health care, education, and family and community issues, the annual Kids Count Data Book found Nevada, New Mexico and Mississippi ranked the lowest while Massachusetts, Vermont and Iowa ranked the highest. Overall, kids are not as well off as they were before the 2008 recession. Twenty-two percent of American children were living in poverty in 2013 compared with 18 percent in 2008. (Annie E. Casey Foundation, July 2015)...

Rankings & Estimates: Rankings of the States 2014 and Estimates of School Statistics 2015 - The NEA’s state rankings book is out and it REALLY is a good read. For example, states with the greatest growth in enrollment from fall 2012 to fall 2013 are Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Colorado. Fifteen states experienced declines and the greatest declines were in Michigan, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont. Over the decade from 2003-04 to 2013-14, in constant dollars, average public school teacher salaries declined by 3.5 percent. (NEA, March 2015)... - This site provides key outcome measures for 1,576 four-year public and private colleges in the U.S. The website makes it simple to strategically evaluate the performance of colleges and state systems in order to identify areas for further analysis and focus. The website reviews seven key outcomes measures: graduation rates, first-year retention rates, education-related cost per student, cost per degree, student loan default rates and the ratio of student loan payments to earnings for recent graduates. (American Institutes for Research, 2011)...

2012 Statistical Abstract of the United States - Section 4 on education presents data primarily concerning formal education as a whole, at various levels, and for public and private schools. Data shown relate to the school-age population and school enrollment, educational attainment, educational personnel and financial aspects of education. In addition, data are presented for higher education, charter schools, computer usage in schools, distance education, adult education, school crime and safety. (U.S. Census Bureau, January 2012)...

State Education Reforms - This site, which draws primarily on data collected by organizations other than NCES, compiles and disseminates data on state-level education reform efforts in four areas: standards, assessment and accountability; school finance reforms; resources for learning; and state support for school choice options. ...

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