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From the ECS State Policy Database: Teaching Quality--Compensation and Diversified Pay--Retirement/Benefits - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

Teacher Salaries and Benefits 2003--08 MS Word PDF - This ECS StateNote examines National Center for Education Statistics figures on salary and benefit statistics for the 50 states and the District of Columbia. (Stephanie Rose, Education Commission of the States, May 2010)...

Doing the Math on Teacher Pensions: How to Protect Teachers and Taxpayers - Claims of pension boards and other groups about pension plans' cost-effectiveness, fairness and flexibility are challenged in this report. The plans still are in place in 38 states and this brief includes a report card on each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia with a detailed analysis of state teacher pension policies. Alaska comes in first, Mississippi last. (Kathryn M. Doherty, Sandi Jacobs and Martin Lueken, National Council on Teacher Quality, January 2015)...

Better Benefits: Reforming Teacher Pensions for a Changing Work Force - This report examines teacher pensions and details the problems facing current state pension programs — both the fiscal problems, which are severe, and the educational consequences of these retirement plans. It also offers a specific set of policy recommendations designed to improve the fiscal solvency of state pension plans while also making the new plans more attractive to teachers. The appendix provides 50-state data on per-person state pension plan liabilities. (Chad Aldeman and Andrew Rotherham, Education Sector, July 2010)...

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