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From the ECS State Policy Database: Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--Special Education - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

Special Education Teacher Certification and Licensure - 50 State Database - This database, compiled in 2007 by the Education Commission of the States as a partner in the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality, contains information on state level policies regarding the certification and licensure of special education teachers. (ECS 2007)...

State-Level Efforts to Recruit and Retain Qualified Special Education Personnel Including Related Service Providers - In response to the challenge to recruit and retain qualified special educators and related service providers, states and localities have implemented a range of recruitment and retention strategies. This document describes some of the strategies states are using. (National Association of State Directors of Special Education, October 2010)...

Do States Have Certification Requirements for Preparing General Education Teachers to Teach Students with Disabilities? Experience in the Northeast and Islands Region - This report examines how the nine states and territories served by the Regional Education Laboratory Northeast and Islands prepare their general education teachers to teach students with disabilities. The authors find that eight of the nine jurisdictions require some coursework in teaching students with disabilities for initial licensure of general education teachers. The report identifies eight special education content areas that one or more states and territories in the region require teachers to study, and describes commonalities and differences in state certification requirements for general education teachers to teach students with disabilities. (Regional Education Laboratory Northeast and Islands, IES, July 2010)...

Mentoring Programs for Special Education Teachers: State Approaches - This brief provides an overview of existing research on teacher mentoring, especially for special educators; discusses best practices in developing and implementing mentoring programs; and describes several state-level special education mentoring programs based on interviews with program staff. Interview findings include implementation history; program features such as, mentoring services, matching mentors and mentees, training and other supports, fiscal and human resources, administration, and evaluation; and outcomes of the various programs. (Eve Muller and Paula Burdette, Project Forum, May 2007)...

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