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The Progress of Education Reform: Increasing Teacher Retention PDF - This issue of The Progress of Education Reform highlights data and research on why teachers leave, how attrition affects teacher shortages across the nation and the importance of working conditions for student performance. It also includes links to additional resources on teacher attrition and teacher working conditions. (Tricia Coulter and Ashley Zaleski, Education Commission of the States, December 2007)...

The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: Collaborating for Student Success - 2009 - This survey examines the views of teachers, principals and students about respective roles and responsibilities, current practice and priorities for the future. The survey findings were released as a series during the first quarter of 2010 with the following parts:

  • Part 1-Effective Teaching and Leadership
  • examines views about responsibility and accountability and what collaboration looks like in schools;
  • Part 2-Student Achievement
  • examines views on student goals, teacher expectations and increasing student achievement;
  • Part 3-Teaching as a Career
  • examines collaboration in the context of teacher professional growth, experience level and career path. (MetLife, 2010) ...

    Recruiting and Retaining Quality Teachers for High Needs Schools: Insights from NBCT Summits and Other Policy Initiatives - Studies consistently show that teachers who are better trained, more experienced and licensed in the subjects they teach are more likely to be teaching in more affluent schools, serving more academically advantaged students. The same is true for teachers who generate higher student test scores as well as those who earn National Board Certification. Addressing the maldistribution of qualified teachers may be the most vexing public school problem facing America’s policymakers today. (Barnett Berry, Melissa Rasberry and Alice Williams, National Strategy Forum, 2007)...

    Teacher Attrition and Mobility: Results from the 2004-05 Teacher Follow-up Survey - Teacher attrition is a major concern in many regions throughout the nation, and this report used a follow-up survey to the Schools and Staffing Survey data to track the movement of teachers from 2003-2005. Among a wealth of other data, it found that 8% of public school teachers and 14% of private school teachers left the profession citing control and workload management as benefits of their new positions. (John Marvel, Deanna Lyter, Pia Peltola, Gregory Strizek and Beth Morton, National Center for Education Statistics, January 2007)...

    Working Without a Net: How New Teachers from Three Prominent Alternate Route Programs Describe Their First Year on the Job - Nearly every state offers an "alternative route" for teacher certification, with more than 100 different programs operating nationwide to prepare teachers for the classroom and as a strategy to address teacher shortages by offering additional routes to the teaching profession. This report summarizes the experiences of new alternative-route teachers who come from Teach for America, Troops to Teachers and the New Teachers Project/Baltimore as they take over their own classrooms around the country. (Public Agenda, 2007)...

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