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From the ECS State Policy Database: Textbooks and Open Source - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

Open source textbooks can help drive down the overall cost of college - There is growing national and international interest in Open Educational Resources as a way to help reduce costs and save students millions of dollars. This report highlights leading states and institutions in the expansion of OERs. (Maria Millard, Education Commission of the States, September 2014)...

State Textbook Adoption PDF - With textbook adoption being an increasing important matter, the important selection process rests at either local or state control. (Vincent Scudella and Kyle Zinth, ECS, September 2013)...

State Initiatives Regarding Electronic or Open Source Textbooks PDF - A growing number of states are using legislation as a means of enabling the use of electronic or open source textbooks. This ECS StateNote examines the differences between e-textbooks and open-source textbooks and takes a look at related action in several states. (Noe Cisneros, Education Commission of the States, September 2009)...

Florida Colleges and Universities are Addressing Textbook Affordability - This brief summarizes Florida and federal activity to contain textbook costs. As a result of action by the state legislature, the state board of education and the postsecondary board of governors now require Florida colleges and public universities to take various actions to help make textbooks more affordable. Florida has also begun a statewide open access textbook initiative that currently offers approximately 170 open access textbooks on a variety of subjects that can be accessed for free online or printed for a nominal cost. (OPPAGA, Florida Legislature, July 2010)...

Textbook Affordability Workgroup: Final Report - As a result of months of research, including a survey of current Florida college policies and procedures, the Workgroup developed recommendations for making textbooks available to students otherwise unable to afford the cost. Among the Workgroup's recommendations: (1) The state board of education should endorse further exploration of open access textbooks; (2)The Florida Department of Education's Division of Florida Colleges should initiate a statewide rental program awareness campaign; (3) Colleges within the Florida College System should collectively seek to secure e-textbook licenses to provide students access to textbooks at no cost; (4) The legislature should consider exempting textbooks from sales tax. (Textbook Affordability Workgroup, Florida Department of Education, July 2010)...

National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS): State Implementation Update - The National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard was added to the Individuals with Disabilities Act in 2004. The goal of the standard is to provide guidance to schools to ensure that students with print disabilities have access to the general education curriculum through specially adapted print materials. This document updates the progress states are making in implementing these standards. (Pontea Etemad and Paula Burdette, National Association of State Directors of Special Education, September 2009)...

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