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From the ECS State Policy Database: Leadership--Principal/School Leadership--Evaluation and Effectiveness - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

From the ECS State Policy Database: Leadership--Principal/School Leadership--Tenure - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

Measuring Principals' Effectiveness: Results from New Jersey's Principal Evaluation Pilot - Whether measures of principal leadership provide accurate information isn't known. This study finds strengths and limitations in the measures used for New Jersey’s principal evaluation system. Analyses of pilot data indicate principal practice ratings and student achievement growth vary across principals and thus have the potential to distinguish effective and ineffective principals. However, student achievement growth changed little at schools that changed principals and was lower at schools with more disadvantaged students. (Christine Ross, Mariesa Herrmann, Megan Hague Angus, REL-Mid-Atlantic, May 2015)...

A Descriptive Analysis of the Principal Workforce in Florida Schools - Florida's school leaders were proportionally more diverse than the teaching workforce but less diverse than the student population, this study finds. Nearly all leaders hold administrative and instructional credentials. Most stay in the same district, but move to another school at least once. Nearly all were rated as at least "effective" in the state's new principal evaluation system. (Jessica Sidler Folsom, La'Tara Osborne-Lampkin and Carolyn Herrington, REL-Southeast, March 2015) ...

Measuring School Leaders' Effectiveness: An Interim Report from a Multi-Year Pilot of Pennsylvania's Framework for Leadership - Having developed a tool to evaluate principals and assistant principals called the Framework for Leadership (FFL), the Pennsylvania Department of Education asked for evidence that it worked. Researchers found the full FFL had good internal consistency for both groups and school leaders who earned high scores in one category tended to earn higher scores in others. Larger estimated contributions to student achievement did not correlate to higher FFL scores. (Bing-ru Teh, et al., REL Mid-Atlantic, December 2014)...

Real Progress in Maryland: Student Learning Objectives and Teacher and Principal Evaluation - Significant strides by the Maryland Department of Education are being made in implementation of Student Learning Objectives and teacher and principal evaluation. This report found growing support for the evaluation process; in particular, educators are embracing the learning objectives as a tool to measure student growth and improve instruction. (William J. Slotnik, Daniel Buglar and Guodong Liang, Community Training and Assistance Center, September 2014)...

Operating in the Dark: What Outdated State Policies and Data Gaps Mean for Effective School Leadership - This report explores how states are using their authority to increase the supply of high-quality principals who could raise student achievement in schools. The authors argue that while districts have hiring authority, states control the entry point to the principalship and have several powerful policy and regulatory levers at their disposal. Captured in the report is the current state of affairs in state principal preparation, licensure policy, principal tenure, and data collection on the output of these policies. The survey uncovers two unfortunate patterns: 1) in many cases, states are not effectively using their authority to improve the supply of high-quality school leaders; and 2) in general, states lack key data on the supply and quality of school leaders. (Briggs, K., Cheney, G.R., Davis, J., and Moll, K.. George W. Bush Institute, February 2013)...

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