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QNA - QNA is a searchable database that can be used to construct your own assessments of civic knowledge, skills and dispositions, and school citizenship climate. The database contains questions categorized by national civics students that have been juried by civic learning experts for their clarity and meaningfulness in relation to the competencies of civic knowledge, skills and dispositions. (National Center for Learning and Citizenship, ECS)...

Martin Luther King Jr. and Cesar E. Chavez: Legacies of Leadership and Inspiration for Today’s Civic Education PDF - Hundreds of public schools and streets are named after either Martin Luther King Jr. or Cesar E. Chavez, although their lasting influence, particularly regarding the civic mission of schools, extends much further. To demonstrate this lasting influence, this issue paper provides: (1) lessons from the work of King and Chavez that can help educators and policymakers think more deeply about ways in which awareness and advocacy can be strengthened to support the civic mission of schools; (2) examples of ways in which schools are using the King and Chavez legacies; and (3) recommendations for policymakers that use the legacies to create opportunities for effective civic education in America's schools. (Anthony Welch and Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Education Commission of the States, September 2005)...

My Voice National Student Mock Election - This project endeavors to involve young people and their schools and parents in civic discourse. It facilitates comprehensive online voting, making it possible for students to engage directly in the political process and to cast their votes. The project also supports classroom curricula through a new media project that surveys students on issues of national importance leading up to the federal and state 2012 elections. These polls appear online, in social media and via mobile applications. (Pearson Foundation)...

The Newseum Digital Classroom - This national news literacy website provides high-quality digital media content in a curriculum-based structure for elementary, high school and college classes. The learning modules, offered in conjunction with the Newseum's Education Department, meet the standards of learning requirements of many states and give students a deeper understanding of the five freedoms of the First Amendment. Through this website, the Newseum hopes to promote critical thinking and civic responsibility. ...

Youth and Participatory Politics - YPP is comprised of scholars from universities and research institutions throughout the country and is funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation as part of their Digital Media and Learning Initiative. These scholars will carry out extensive quantitative and qualitative research in four interconnected research students that address: (1) The ways new media may foster a new paradigm for participation in the public sphere. (2)How frequently and how equitably youth engage in networked public participation. (3)The relationship between online participatory practices and political participation. (4) Ways to promote more frequent, more equitable, and higher equality political engagement via participation with new media. (Youth and Participatory Politics)...

PBS Kids Democracy Project - The PBS Kids Democracy Project provides online activities designed for students in grades three to six, with accompanying lesson plans for language arts, social studies and mathematics teachers....

Democracy Web: Comparative Studies in Freedom - Democracy Web: Comparative Studies in Freedom provides an interactive world map and online study guide that challenges students to think critically about the ebb and flow of democracy in different regions and different eras....

Congressional Timeline - The Congressional Timeline reports session dates, partisan composition, the presidential administration, a list of congressional leaders and notable legislation passed for each Congress beginning with the 73rd (1933-1935). The Timeline features numerous photos, video and sound clips, and documents....

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