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From the ECS State Policy Database: No Child Left Behind--Adequate Yearly Progress - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

Minimum Subgroup Size for Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) MS Word PDF - As part of adequate yearly progress (AYP) definitions under No Child Left Behind, states must set the minimum number of students – or “n” size – that constitutes a subgroup. This ECS StateNote identifies the primary methods states have adopted for determining the size of a subgroup and the numbers or formulas states used in 2003 compared with 2006. In addition, the StateNote indicates which states use confidence intervals as part of their minimum subgroup approach. (Mary Fulton, Education Commission of the States, November 2006)...

The Inclusion of Students With Disabilities in School Accountability Systems - The goal of this study is to provide policy-relevant information about the education of students with disabilities (SWDs). The link directs you to an interim study report that presents descriptive information on school-level accountability, AYP performance, and school improvement status of schools accountable for SWD subgroup performance under Title I of the ESEA, as well as schools not accountable for SWD subgroup performance. (Institute of Education Sciences, May 2012)...

Title III Accountability and District Improvement Efforts: A Closer Look - Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act provides funds for states, which in turn provide subgrants to districts to develop standards-based programs and strategies for better meeting the needs of English learners. Title III requires the states to hold recipient districts accountable for demonstrating improved outcomes. This brief reports on data from interviews conducted with Title III officials in six states and nine districts. (Courtney Tanenbaum and Lindsay Anderson, American Institutes for Research, May 2010)...

How Many Schools Have Not Made Adequate Yearly Progress Under the No Child Left Behind Act? - Drawing on data from state departments of education and other public sources, this report estimates the number and percentage of public schools that did not make adequate yearly progress (AYP). The report finds that approximately one-third of the nation's public schools did not make AYP in school year 2008-09, although the number varied greatly by state. A table outlining the percentage of schools not making AYP by state is also included. (Shelby Dietz, Center on Education Reform, March 2010)...

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