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Accountability--School Improvement

From the ECS State Policy Database: No Child Left Behind--School Support - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

Transforming Public Education in New Orleans: The Recovery School District - This report provides a comprehensive history of the RSD in New Orleans from its inception to the present. The authors present an analysis of some of the issues and policies that have defined the RSD over the past eight years, as well as an examination of the interplay among the contextual conditions and the community’s ability to engage and restructure to ensure sustainable change in public education. The report concludes by discussing the continuing role of state intervention and highlighting the issues currently facing the RSD in New Orleans. (Cowen Institute, 2011)...

School Turnarounds in Colorado: Untangling a Web of Supports for Struggling Schools - Over the past few years education policymakers have increased their focus on the needs of students in struggling schools. Congress and the federal Department of Education have developed initiatives that alter the options available under federal law for state, district and school leaders to intervene in persistently struggling schools. Colorado has significantly changed their approaches to school turnarounds. Based on their examination of the state's approach in recent months and report there are several potential areas to strengthen and improve its approach in future years. (July Kowal and Joe Ableidinger, Donnell-Kay Foundation, January 2011)...

Restructuring 'Restructuring': Improving Interventions for Low-Performing Schools and Districts - Education Sector research finds that school districts and states often avoid making the hard choices that might lead to real reform. This report documents how few states and districts use the tools provided to them by NCLB. Instead of closing schools or replacing personnel, districts and states most often choose other, less aggressive actions. They hire consultants, redesign the curriculum or create smaller learning communities. This report lays out a series of specific policy changes that can be made at the local, state, and federal levels. (Robert Manwaring, Education Sector, April 2010)...

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