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Achievement Trends of Schools and Students in Arizona's Title I School Improvement Program - This study addresses four research questions regarding Arizona public schools and students: (1) How are schools and students distributed across school levels and school types, and how did this distribution change over 2005/062008/09? (2) For each school level, how are Title I Schools in Improvement, and students in those schools, distributed by school improvement status? (3) How did student proficiency rates vary across school levels and how did the rates changes from 2005//06 and 2008/09? (4) What was the pattern of movement in and out of school improvement? (National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance, July 2011)...

How Many Schools Have Not Made Adequate Yearly Progress Under the No Child Left Behind Act? - Drawing on data from state departments of education and other public sources, this report estimates the number and percentage of public schools that did not make adequate yearly progress (AYP). The report finds that approximately one-third of the nation's public schools did not make AYP in school year 2008-09, although the number varied greatly by state. A table outlining the percentage of schools not making AYP by state is also included. (Shelby Dietz, Center on Education Reform, March 2010)...

State Test Score Trends Through 2007-08, Part 1: Is the Emphasis on "Proficiency" Shortchanging Higher- and Lower-Achieving Students - Part 1 of the third annual report by the Center on Education Policy describing trends in state test scores since the No Child Left Behind Act took effect. This year's study examines, for the first time, trends at the "basic" and "advanced" levels of performance on state tests to obtain a more complete picture of movement across the entire range of student achievement. (Center on Education Policy, June 2009)...

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