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What States Are Doing
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P-3 Child Care
P-3 Content Standards and Assessment
P-3 Data Systems
P-3 Early Intervention (0-3)
P-3 English Language Learners (ELL)
P-3 Ensuring Quality
P-3 Evaluation/Economic Benefits
P-3 Finance
P-3 Grades 1-3
P-3 Health and Mental Health
P-3 International Benchmarking
P-3 Kindergarten
P-3 Parent Engagement
P-3 Preschool
P-3 Principals/Leadership
P-3 Public/Private Partnerships
P-3 Special Ed./Inclusion
P-3 Teaching Quality/Professional Development
P-3 Technology

2013 Legislative Session – P-3 Policies - ECS conducted a scan of enacted policies from the 2013 legislative sessions to capture the ongoing work that lawmakers across the country are engaging in to strengthen their P-3 systems. The diversity of policies seems to demonstrate state policymakers are increasingly recognizing that the developmental supports a child receives in the earliest years provide lifelong payouts for both child and community. This report provides summaries of 38 bills from 25 states that illustrate the breadth and depth of P-3 policies enacted in 2013 legislative sessions. (Emily Workman, ECS, Nov. 2013)...

From the ECS State Policy Database: P-3 Governance - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

Ready by 21 State Policy Survey: Child and Youth Policy Coordinating Bodies in the U.S. 2013 - Ready by 21, dedicated to improving coordination, collaboration and efficiency among youth-serving agencies, conducts a biennial survey of its members. This report is intended to help governors, legislators, department secretaries and advocates looking for information on ways to strengthen the structure and function of their existing cabinets or to create a new one. (Jenny Bonilla Moreno, Elizabeth Gaines and Danielle Evennou, Forum for Youth Investment, February 2014)...

Creating a Comprehensive State Early Childhood Advisory Council: Frequently Asked Questions - This list of frequently asked questions answers common questions about creating a new council or designating an existing entity to meet the requirements of the 2007 Head Start Act. (NGA Center for Best Practices, May 2009)...

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