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Strong Leaders, Strong Achievement: Model Policy for Producing the Leaders to Drive Student Success PDF - A good deal of research in the area of leadership has helped to generate broad agreement on what constitutes a comprehensive leadership program or policy. Positive measures such as the Educational Leadership Policy Standards (Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium, or ISLLC) have helped inform the development and improvement of many leadership programs and policies. The risk, however, is that in implementing a "comprehensive" set of standards or requirements, those elements noted by research as most critical to improving achievement can simply become another box on a check-off list. The purpose of this brief is to help reduce that risk by focusing on those factors most closely linked to student success. (Kathy Christie, Barbara Thompson and Gary Whiteley, Education Commission of the States, January 2009)...

Leadership: What policies and/or practices matter most? - Access related research titles from the ECS Research Studies Database. Links embedded in titles will take you to each study's major findings and recommendations....

2014 AASA Superintendents Salary & Benefits Study - Superintendents will be interested to see where they are on the salary scale compared to their colleagues, now that the third annual superintendents salary and benefits study has been released. Each year they've reported slightly improved economic conditions in their districts. Superintendents tended to be white and male, earning an average of $122,000. The average age of female respondents was 53.1 years; the average male age was 51.7. (Leslie A. Finnan, et al., School Superintendents Association, January 2015)...

School Superintendents: Vital or Irrelevant? - Analyzing student-level data from Florida and North Carolina for the years 2000-01 to 2009-10, the authors found that school district superintendent is largely a short-term job - typically three to four years. Student achievement does not improve with longevity of superintendent service within their districts and superintendents account for a very small fraction of student differences in achievement. (Matthew M. Chingos, Grover J. (Russ) Whitehurst and Katharine M. Lindquist, Brown Center on Education Policy at Brookings, September 2014)...

Yearning to Break Free: Ohio Superintendents Speak Out - The report shows a major disconnect between the people who teach in our public schools and those who lead them. While many teachers and other school employees resist education reforms that might affect them, especially changes to collective bargaining laws, superintendents recognize the need for such fixes. In fact, they’re hungry for them. (Thomas B. Fordham Institute, March 2011)...

Investigating the Links to Improve Student Learning: Final Report of Research Findings - This study aims to identify the nature of successful educational leadership and to better understand how such leadership can improve educational practices and student learning. The first part of the report focuses on what school leaders do to improve student achievement; part two looks at how districts and district leaders foster school improvement and student learning; and part three examines state leadership and relationships with districts. (University of Minnesota, July 2010) ...

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