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Governance Matrix MS Word - This timeless tool helps state and district leaders obtain a clear understanding of current and ideal configurations of their K-12 public education governance systems. We suggest using the matrix to answer one of the following questions: Currently, who makes what decisions? Ideally, who should make what decisions? Once the matrices are completed, we suggest that state and district leaders then identify gaps between their current and ideal situations, prioritize the top three to five areas for action and identify the appropriate courses of action. (Todd Ziebarth, Education Commission of the States)....

Mandated Training for Local School Board Members Survey - Results of a survey of the state school boards associations done in September 2008 giving information about mandated training, providers, training requirements, funding and enforcement provisions in the various states. Forty four states responded to the survey. (National School Boards Assocation, October 2012)...

New Orleans-Style Education Reform: A Guide for Cities: Lessons Learned, 2004-2010 - This report shares the insights and lessons learned in developing a choice-based, predominantly charter system in New Orleans. The report can aid districts struggling to remedy widespread school system failure by providing tools and resources to guide their initial thinking, early work, and longer-term planning. (New Schools for New Orleans, January 2012)...

The Road to Autonomy: Can Schools, Districts, and Central Offices Find Their Way? - This report takes a closer look at the theory behind the autonomy movement. Dillon also looks at how districts are putting the theory into practice. One important issue, Dillon notes, is the school's ability to govern itself. The report concludes that the key question for districts considering autonomy is not how much freedom to give schools but what balance to strike. (Erin Dillon, Education Sector, June 2011)...

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