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How State Education Agencies Acquire and Use Research in School Improvement Strategies - State education agencies (SEAs) in three states were examined to see how they searched for, selected and used research in their school improvement strategies. Researchers found SEA staff actively sought and were receptive to research and reached out to multiple internal and external research sources. Incorporating research into policy and practice was a social process in which SEA staff worked with each other, practitioners, and external partners to adapt research to their local context. (Margaret E. Goertz, Carol Barnes and Diane Massell, Consortium for Policy Research in Education, August 2013)...

The Chief Performance Officer in Education - The role of Chief Performance Officer is rapidly finding a place in state education agencies nationally. The "what" and "why" of performance management systems are featured in this report as well as an explanation of the new role of the Chief Performance Officer in state education agencies. Performance management is a strategic approach to improvement in which the whole organization shares the same goals. Not the same as accountability, it assumes the people closest to a problem are the best ones to solve it.(Dean Nafziger, Edvance Research, August 2013) ...

SEA of the Future: Leveraging Performance Management to Support School Improvement - At a crossroads, State Education Agencies (SEAs) are having to reinvent themselves. Federal reform efforts threw light on the nation's lowest performing schools and districts which, in turn, engaged state legislatures, governors, advocacy groups, and citizens who want to see school improvement. This study addresses how to leverage performance management to support school improvement, how to build a better system of support and how to do that in tough economic times. It ends with implications for governors and legislators. (Betheny Gross, Ashley Jochim, Paul Hill, Sam Redding and Patrick Murphy, BSCP, May 2013)...

Modernizing the State Education Agency: Different Paths Toward Performance Management - As both the federal government and states face unprecedented challenges in raising standards and increasing outcomes for all students, state education agencies (SEAs) have the opportunity to take a new approach; one focused less on compliance and more on performance management. This report outlines what states at the forefront of this change are doing to improve their lowest-performing schools. (Center on Reinventing Public Education, September 2012)...

State Education Agency Funding and Staffing In the Education Reform Era - State budget cuts have affected state education agencies (SEAs), which are responsible for supervising elementary and secondary education in each state and which play a crucial role in advancing education reform. The authors of this report set out to determine the status of SEAsí operating budgets, staffing, and expertise in the wake of ARRA and whether SEAs have the capacity to support key education reforms? Findings indicate that while funding appears slightly better this year than last, few states expect to see increases and while many states have adequate expertise to carry out reforms, they are lacking in the staff levels and fiscal resources for these activities....

State Education Agencies as Agents of Change: What It Will Take for the States to Step Up on Education Reform - State schools chiefs are largely responsible for implementing many of the mandates handed down at the state and federal level. Many chiefs say they lack the capacity to fully tackle these challenges, particularly adequate funding and personnel. This report highlights four key findings: State education agencies are overly focused on compliance; there is a lack of transparency; federal funding can hinder SEA operations; there are bureaucratic obstacles to reforming the state agencies. (Center for American Program, July 2011)...

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