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From the ECS State Policy Database: Parent/Family - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

From the ECS State Policy Database: Parent/Family--Parent Rights - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

Parental Involvement in Education MS Word PDF - An update of a 1996 ECS report, this StateNote provides information on state legislation and programs designed to increase parental involvement in the education process. This compilation describes how states have addressed this issue, such as requiring school districts to develop plans and policies to increase parental involvement, encouraging or directing employers to give parents time off from work to attend parent-teacher conferences or other school activities, encouraging parents to play a more active role in their children's education both at school and at home, as well as enacting parental rights legislation. (Kyle Zinth, Education Commission of the States, March 2005)...

Promising Practices for Engaging Hispanic/Latino Students in Georgia - Latino students comprise 8 percent of the Georgia workforce, but Latino students still graduate at a rate 9 percent lower than the Georgia rate overall. Arguing their potential has not been cultivated as thoroughly as possible this document offers new information on resources, unaccompanied minors, dual immersion schools, the Georgia Coalition for English learners and school-parent engagement strategies. (REACHES, September 2014)...

Parent Involvement Strategies in Urban Middle and High Schools in the Northeast and Islands Region: Summary - Report summarizes efforts to develop and pilot test a protocol for collecting information about parent involvement policies, practices and programs being implemented at the middle and high school levels. (Gail Agronick, Amy Clark, Lydia O'Donnell and Ann Stueve, National Center for Educational Evaluation and Regional Assistance, April 2009)...

A Toolkit to Support School-Family-Community Partnerships - The deeply ingrained multiculturalism that makes New Mexico unique also presents challenges in communicating and setting shared priorities. Schools face their own set of challenges in accommodating all families, making them part of the school community and including them as partners in their child’s education. The New Mexico Public Education Department has created, a toolkit to assist educators and education partners with information, resources and strategies to help strengthen parent and community involvement....

Maryland's Parent Advisory Council (M-PAC) - M-PAC is a statewide group of parents and advocates appointed in the fall of 2003 by the state superintendent of schools to generate ideas on how to improve working relationships between parents, teachers, administrators and school personnel. The council advises the superintendent and the state board of education on parental involvement issues ranging from policy to implementation and has recently released their 2005 preliminary recommendations. ...

Parental Involvement Contracts - Adopted in 2001, this legislation encourages Michigan districts to develop and implement voluntary parental involvement contracts. The contracts are designed to encourage and facilitate parental involvement, establishing a learning partnership between parent, teacher and pupil. Participating parents, students and teachers agree to take a number of steps to involve parents in their children's education. Parents agree to review homework assignments and offer assistance when needed, ensure that the student gets to school each day on time and ready to learn and demonstrate interest in the pupil’s well-being by attending school functions and making every effort to attend parent-teacher conferences. (Legislative Council, The Revised School Code (Excerpt), Act 451 of 1976, 380.1295)...

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