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Prayer, the Bible and the Public Schools MS Word - The First Amendment guarantees both freedom from government-established religion and freedom to practice one's chosen religion. While it clearly requires a delicate balance, the U.S. Constitution permits many alternatives. This article is taken from the Fall 2000 ECS State Education Leader....

Prayer, the Bible and the Public Schools MS Word - Statistics about states with laws addressing prayer, moment of silence, Ten Commandments, Bible reading and evolution. (Education Commission of the States, October 2000)...

Religion in Schools MS Word - A century ago, most of America’s public schools were evangelical, Protestant institutions. Today, with only a few lapses, public schools are secular. The religious orientation of the past seriously polarized people. Over time, public educators regretted the alienation of so many people and sought to redesign public schools for all children, by eliminating or modifying religious material. The courts accelerated this trend, and in 1962, the Supreme Court ruled that officially mandated prayer in the public schools was unconstitutional. In 1963, the court similarly excluded Bible reading as a religious exercise. (Education Commission of the States, October 2000)...

The Legal Evolution of Intelligent Design - This brief examines legal action regarding the teaching of evolution in public schools. There has been political activity at the school district or state level pertaining to teaching about the origin of humanity in 40 states since 2001. Almost one-third of the science teachers who responded to a recent survey of the National Science Teachers Association said they had experienced pressure by parents and students to include lessons on intelligent design or creationism in their science classes, and 30% had felt pressure to eliminate evolution from the curriculum. (Martha M. McCarthy, Educational Horizons, Spring 2006) ...

Guidance on Constitutionally Protected Prayer in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools - On February 7, 2003, Secretary Paige issued guidance on constitutionally protected prayer in public elementary and secondary schools. This guidance explains the responsibilities of state and local educational agencies with respect to this aspect of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. (U.S. Department of Education, 2003)...

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