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April - May 2003

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Welcome to the TQ Update, a quarterly newsletter dedicated to providing information and resources on teacher quality related issues.

Teaching Quality Policy Center News
The ECS Teaching Quality Policy Center (TQPC) recently convened a meeting of its NATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD. Participants discussed:
* The center's strategic plan
* Areas for future TQPC work
* Critical topics relevant to teaching quality.
For more information, contact Charles Coble at

ECS, in partnership with the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, recently brought together several nationally recognized education leaders to examine how CHANGES IN GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS might leverage opportunities for improving teaching quality. For more information, contact Michael Allen at

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New Center Publications
Interpreting the findings of education research in an unbiased fashion is critical for policymakers to make accurate, informed decisions to improve their schools. The first in a series of four ECS reports, "Eight Questions on TEACHER PREPARATION: WHAT DOES THE RESEARCH SAY?" looks at what 92 research studies tell us about teacher preparation. The full report will be available on the ECS Web site around May 15, but an executive summary is available by clicking here.

To date, 45 governors have given STATE-OF-THE-STATE ADDRESSES. Of these governors, 30 talked about teaching quality issues. A new ECS StateNote, "2003 State-of-the-State Addresses: Teaching Quality," contains excerpts from their addresses related to teaching quality.

ECS is nearing completion of an ONLINE DATABASE that will provide condensed summaries of STATE TEACHER PREPARATION POLICIES, links to the policies and other relevant sources of information. The database, which allows users to easily compare and contrast state policies, will be available on the ECS Teaching Quality Web site in mid-May. For more information, contact Susie Bachler at

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Upcoming Center Meetings/Events
On May 12-13, ECS will cosponsor the "SOUTHEAST MEETING ON TEACHING QUALITY" in Atlanta, Georgia. Cosponsors include SREB, NGA, SHEEO and the SECTQ. Meeting attendance is by invitation only. For more information, see

The 2003 NATIONAL FORUM ON EDUCATION POLICY will be held July 13-16 in Denver, Colorado. Sessions featuring teaching quality include:
* Improving teacher preparation
* Teacher mobility
* Teacher's unions and school reform
* Hard-to-staff schools
For more information, see

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Related ECS Activities
The ECS CENTER FOR COMMUNITY COLLEGE POLICY is developing a 50-state survey on the role of community colleges in P-12 teacher education and professional development. Center staff are currently compiling data for an interactive database that will be available on the Web. For more information, contact Marga Torrence, at

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What States Are Doing
Chancellors of the three largest university systems in TEXAS -- the Texas A&M University System, the Texas State University System and the University of Texas -- have signed an agreement to create a collaborative research center to enhance teacher education programs across Texas.

College graduates and career changers accepted into the NEW JERSEY Consortium for Urban Education will earn their teaching credentials tuition-free through a new, federally funded program. Participants take graduate courses and receive sustained mentoring in exchange for a three-year teaching commitment in Paterson, Newark or Jersey City.

The Sapsik'wala Program at the University of OREGON provides scholarships and training to American Indian teachers who will work in schools with large Indian populations. In addition, the program provides a full year of support services including a mentor, evaluations, support for attendance at a professional conference, onsite consulting, an electronic distribution and discussion list and online consultation and Web site conferencing.

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Good Reads
American schools suffer from a lack of EFFECTIVE LEADERS at both the school and district levels, according to a new report by the Progressive Policy Institute. The report suggests a series of potential changes to better recruit, prepare, reward and retain high-quality leaders.

Despite widespread publicity about a shortage of SCHOOL PRINCIPALS, a report by the Center on Reinventing Public Education finds that there are far more candidates certified to be principals than there are vacancies to fill.

A new report by the Education Development Center discusses a number of critical actions needed to sustain a school's TECHNOLOGY infrastructure, including accelerating teacher professional development and improving the ability of teachers to use new technologies.

CHARTER SCHOOLS rely heavily on young, inexperienced, uncredentialed teachers and often do not have the resources to provide the instructional help that many of their students need, according to a study by Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE). The study looks at national statistical data relative to money, race and teacher credentials.

An analysis by the Center for Education Reform, however, claims that the PACE study is not objective and offers a distorted view of CHARTER SCHOOLS.

TEACHER TURNOVER costs Texas schools from $329 million to $1.59 billion per year according to a new ASCD research brief. The brief finds that the cost of teachers leaving the profession amounts to about 20% of each leaving teacher's salary.

A new report examines teachers in North Carolina who apply for National Board for Professional Teaching Standards CERTIFICATION and the factors associated with their success.

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Other Useful Web Sites
For information on RURAL TEACHER recruitment, visit these Web sites:
* The Rural School and Community Trust:

* National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse:

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International Focus
A new report from the National Center for Education Statistics COMPARES THE U.S. EDUCATION SYSTEM TO OTHER MAJOR INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRIES (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom). The report examines such items as student teacher ratios and public school teacher salaries in primary and secondary education.

Teachers are not happy with their salaries, stress levels or workloads, according to a report by the UNITED KINGDOM-based, National Foundation for Educational Research.

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Teaching quality is part of the Teaching Quality and Leadership Institute. The mission of the Institute is to provide resources to help state policymakers shape education policy on finding, keeping and developing highly effective teachers and education leaders.


To read more about Teaching Quality, visit the ECS Issue Site on Teaching Quality.

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