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Civic Education

The National Center for Learning and Citizenship

What is Service-Learning?
Service-learning is the potent combination of meaningful service to the community, academically rigorous classroom education and deliberate, structured reflection so that students connect what they are learning to the service performed. Service-learning is not just about "going out and doing good." It involves learning and intellectual skills, performing needed service and producing real results that command respect. Service-learning provides students with the skills and virtues that enable them to participate fully in a civil society and contribute to the sustainability of our democracy.

Welcome to ECS' issue site on service-learning. This site is designed to help policymakers and educators understand the teaching and learning pedagogy of service-learning and how it can help improve student achievement and performance, contribute to education reform efforts, meet state standards and assessments, and build vibrant, healthy communities. In service-learning, students relate their service experience directly to their school curriculum, while at the same time making a valued contribution to their schools, neighborhoods and communities.

The National Center for Learning and Civic Engagement (NCLCE) is the service-learning initiative supported by ECS. Specifically, ECS provides:

  • A national voice for service-learning
  • Leadership in service-learning policy efforts
  • Communication strategies through its website and product development/dissemination capacities
  • Funding of development opportunities
  • Organizational capacity for NCLCE
  • Opportunities to include service-learning within other ECS initiatives, programs and activities.

For more information about service-learning or the National Center for Learning and Civic Engagement, contact:

Paul Baumann, Director

Brady Delander, Assistant Editor


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